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Here are some important points when searching for a used car:

Price will always be your number one criteria once you are out there looking for the car that best fits your lifestyle. Unless you are paying cash for your used car, you must have in mind that the more expensive the vehicle is, then the higher will be your monthly payments on a loan. It is not such a simple decision. It can be viewed as a long term commitment, just like with a house. And just like a house, you will have to take into consideration other costs such as your car insurance, maintenance costs and gas costs. As you go over your budget, all of these costs must be factored in. Can’t leave anything out, or you might find yourself in quite a pickle sometime from now. Hopefully not, of course.

Another criteria that should weigh in your decision, when looking for a used car, is its cost when it comes to fuel. Gas prices are increasing more and more, and it is becoming a burden for many of us. What this does is it leaves many people putting fuel efficiency as a number one factor when shopping for a used or new car. You must take into consideration how much gas you normally would use in a week or month. Some years ago, you didn’t have that many choices when it came to fuel efficient cars. Especially if you have a big family. Well, now you even have hybrid SUV’s. You can even go one step better if you don’t have family, and that is to look for a smaller used car with hybrid engines. Many of us have quite a commute to work and back. You must do your homework. Go over your budget again and again, if necessary. Make a wise decision when it comes time to search for a vehicle.

used car and truck financing and loansFeatures and options can also be factors when searching for a used car. People love gadgets, among other electronic components. Especially if you have kids. With rear DVD screens getting more and more popular, one can relax now while driving with the kids in the back.

A forth criteria is a no brainer: Size. This can narrow down your options for used cars. Make a wise decision, though. You might be holding on to this car for quite some time. So, if having kids is a part of your life-plan, you must take it into consideration when choosing what size car you must look for. Don’t forget that size and fuel efficiency go hand in hand. The bigger the car, the more fuel you will be needing.

Safety is also a criteria. This should always be a factor when looking for a used car. And, when it comes to used cars, we are no longer talking only about Air-bags. Used cars, depending on how many years it has been driven, or how much mileage it has, need to be fully checked. It is quite important to have a mechanic check a used car before buying one. This is one of the advantages of buying a used car at a dealership instead of many smaller car stores or buying online. At the dealership, used cars have mostly already gone through a thorough inspection.

Resale value is a no-brainer. But it is a factor when looking for a used car. You should always look for a car with a good resale value. This can be researched online through Kelley Blue Book, etc. Since buying a car (new or used) is a long term investment, you should look for a car where the financial impact on your life can be minimal. New cars lose value as soon as they leave the dealership. Well, used cars lose value as well. There’s nothing we can do about car value depreciation. Some lose more than others. Therefore, you must make a wise decision. There’s no escaping when it comes to losing money on cars, unless you are a professional car dealer or have some type of restoring capacities.

You can lease a used vehicle. It exists. The lease value is usually lower than one for a new vehicle. A used car has already gone through a depreciation period, so leasing a car might be a good idea for someone living within a tight budget. You must be careful. When it comes to leasing a new vehicle, you must pay for any damage, wear, tear that the car went through while in your possession. Well, the same thing goes for used cars. Before signing a lease for a used car, you must do a very thorough inspection of the vehicle. You don’t want to be paying for any wear and tear that was the previous owner’s responsibility. Also, you can negotiate the current value of the used car before you sign a lease document.

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