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Leave it to the Europeans when it comes to extravagant luxury and high performance. It has always been like this, since the beginning of car manufacturing anywhere. They take pride in this, as well they should. By no means are American cars that far behind. But it seems that, when it comes to European cars, even the most basic models come with its higher level of luxury. No one’s talking about Peugeot, Renault, Seat or Alfa Romeo. The cars being talked about here are the ones sold in American soil. We wouldn’t be talking about luxury when it comes to the brands just mentioned. They are your “popular brands” in Europe. And even though they do have luxurious models, the makes and models being talked about here are your Mercedes, BMWs, Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Land Rovers, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Volvos. Even though Volvos have pretty much the same level of luxury as most Lincolns and Cadilacs.

European models have always caught everyone’s attention. They always seemed to have the most attractive, most modern cars around. The key word here is “seemed”. Nowadays you can already find, from American brand of cars, many makes and models that are competing heavily with European makes. Take Lexus and Infiniti for example. Or even Lincoln and Cadillac. For decades now, the American automakers have been aiming to reach the level of comfort, technology and high performance that are delivered by European cars.

audi, bmw, mercedes, porsche, volkswagen, european car loand and financing Well, this competition is getting pretty interesting. It wasn’t too long ago when someone could say “A Mercedes will always be a Mercedes. You can’t compare”. Well, you can now. And when you do compare, you will find out that the level of luxury that you seek for in a car can be found at plenty of American car dealerships. And a lot of times, you will find yourself looking at both prices (European and American), and making a quick decision.

You take a Mercedes C-class, a BMW 3-series and a Lexus IS or a Cadillac CTS and compare them. You will find yourself in a pickle. Sure, they don’t carry the BMW or Mercedes logos on them, but if you can get past that fact, then you are in for quite a treat.

American automakers have been exceeding in quality control. They want the best, and they are delivering it. European brands will always have that classic luxury to them, but soon enough they are going to be losing even more market to the American brands. Land Rovers may still have the best SUVs on the planet, but you can’t ignore the Cadillac Escalade, the Lincoln Navigator or the Lexus LX. Unless you’re an adventurer, you won’t be needing Land Rovers’ 4x4 capacities to get to work, or to pick up your kids.

When it comes to certain types of audiences, European cars will always win. These are people who have always dreamed of having a BMW or Mercedes, and they won’t relax until they buy one. Also, of course, you have those types of people who aim for Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis. Well, then, you win. European performance cars will always beat the American market. There are certain aspects of the automotive industry that can’t seem to change. And, the reality is, American automakers are still recovering from a recent recession. No one is spending money on coming out with cars that can compete with a Ferrari, or a Porsche, or much less a Lamborghini. The American automakers have raised the white flag. It’s a done deal. Leave it to the Europeans, but don’t get too comfortable. If you look at prototypes launched by American automakers, then you’d see that European Automakers should, in fact, stay on their toes.

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