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When we think about American cars, we immediately think about size and engine power. The brands Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Cadillac, and Jeep are the first one to pop into our minds. Chevrolet and Ford were pioneers in the US, when it comes to the auto industry. Ever since Louis Chevrolet (1911) founded Chevrolet and Henry Ford founded Ford (1903), they envisioned building cars for every social class in America. And that’s exactly what they did. Nowadays, all the brands named above have made it to the top of the biggest names in the World, in car manufacturing.

The entire World look at America as being the pioneers of mass car production. You can be on any corner of the world, and you will find that almost everyone has heard of every single American Automakers. That is the incredible image that these manufacturers have.

From the very beginning, American cars stood out in the crowd, so to speak. Nowadays, you could find American Cars ranging from under 20,000 dollars to well over 65,000 dollars. The American auto market is flooded with makes and models.

With the recession, Americans were pretty much forced to lower their expectations as to how much they could afford to spend in a car. Rightfully doing so, automakers began to focus on more popular models, trying to better suit their target audiences. With the latest Recession, along with losing big name brands such as Plymouth, Mercury, Saturn and Hummer, the Car industry in the US lost a big chunk of their clients. The auto industry took a very big hit, leaving almost all of them in the brink of bankruptcy, or actually bankrupt. At the same time, other areas of the auto industry began to flourish. Such as the sale of smaller, more compact cars. This is because of obvious reasons such as the consumer’s need to look for something less expensive, and that used a lot less gas. People once again became more familiar with more popular brands, and auto makers took advantage of this fact.

american car loans and financingSmaller American cars, in the US, seem to have always been ignored until your financial situation forced you to commit to one. They were very plain to look at, and their interior lacked so many amenities that Americans always look for in their option for cars. Well, that was then. Once the recession hit, you may notice that the smaller cars began to change as well. Especially when it comes to amenities. You can look, today, at a small model Chevrolet, and you will find everything from standard leather seats to GPS, and the list goes on. Auto makers made smaller American cars even easier to look at. This was truly a great achievement.

When you go out shopping for a car, you are immediately bombarded with promotions and incentives. These come in handy while shopping, and it is an obvious sign that automakers are still pulling themselves out of a recession. These incentives come real handy, and they truly are everywhere. The car dealer you choose might offer manufacturer incentives, lower finance rates, cash back, and the list goes on. So, before actually leaving your house to go shopping for a car, make sure you look up (on their website) any rebates and incentives that the one particular dealer may be offering.

Examples of small (cheaper) American cars that stand out are the Chevrolet Cruze, which comes with plenty of standard options, along with the Ford Focus and even the Ford Fiesta, which might surprise you and may be worth the test drive. There are examples of cars that are coming out almost completely equipped right from the factory. Another example of this is the Dodge Dart, that has been blowing the competition away. Definetely something to look at. Another Brand that has been making quite a huge comeback is Buick. A classic American brand that, after having struggled to stay alive, managed to get themselves up and running again, and bombarding the market with new, very stylish, automobiles.

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