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Japan’s automotive industry is, deservingly, one of the most important industries in the World. It truly is one of the largest, and it still grows, year after year. It has been decades now that Japan has been one of the top car manufacturers in world, leaving countries like Germany and England behind.

This country not only produces, but it is one of the top exporters in the World.

It grew exponentially over the past decades (70s to 90s) and now, leading the world in production numbers, leaving names like Ford behind. It is truly a production leader, and you may notice how many Japanese cars we see on the road today, especially Honda and Toyota, with Toyota being now one of the top auto industries in the world.

Japan currently stands as the third biggest producer of vehicles in the World with an average number of 9.9 million cars produced every year. This is all because of immense investments over the past decades. You don’t see the number of Japanese cars only growing in America. Everywhere in the world, such as South America. The Toyota Corolla has been voted one of the best cars ever in its class. The Honda Civic is its competitor, even competing with American and European cars from that same class.

In Japan, the production of cars began shortly after it started in the US. Japanese car production began in the 1910s. Their cars were always substantially smaller than US made cars, and sometimes they paired up with European companies to start mass production, which is the case of the brand Isuzu and its “brother” Mitsubishi. In fact, it was in Japan that robot machines first started “landing a hand” in car manufacturing plants.

honda, toyota, nissan, lexus, infiniti: Japanese car loansThe main Japanese automaker companies in Japan are Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda and Japan is also famous for its production of other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, water jet skis, etc. These fall under the brands like Yamaha and Kawasaki. Japan is also well known for its engines’ production, such as Honda.

The cars that were built in Japan, before the Second World War, used the same frame as American and European Cars. Before the mid-1900s, Companies such as Ford and General Motors had already built factories and branches in Japan, but not long thereafter, were forced out of Japan. It doesn’t really make a difference to Americans now. Everywhere you look you see a Japanese car. These cars have been increasing in sales this past decade, and are continuing its steady growth. They are flooding the US market with not only their sporty coupes, like the Subarus, but also with their very popular sedans like the Corolla and Civic.

Japanese dealerships, in the US, were the first ones to start a whole market trend in which they offered warranties on cars of up to 100,000 miles or 5 years. Other automakers followed the same trend. And some brands still can’t make it there quite yet.

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